Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Chicken Breeds - the Rumpless Game

Rumpless Game

This particular chicken has often been described as a rather odd looking bird - you'll either love or hate it. Many find the lack of tail bizarre and unnatural, but other keepers believe that the birds have bags of charm and character.

These birds have a bold, upright carriage and are very similar to traditional game birds, apart from the complete lack of a tail. They are small and have a steeply sloping profile, with a full and prominent breast and large wings. The head is small, with quite a large beak, bold eyes and a thin, single comb.

Earlobes and wattles are small. The feathering all over is hard and close. These birds stand on strong legs with four toes on each foot.

The breed's plumage colouring is variable. In competition, colour is not an important factor; more emphasis is placed on the bird's head and overall appearance.


The breed shares typical game characteristics when it comes to personality, so they can be peppery little birds. However, many keepers say that they can be easily tamed and that they make excellent pets.

Eggs For their size, Rumpless Game hens can be surprisingly good layers of light-coloured eggs.


In their bantam form these birds are happy to be confined, although they can be noisy. They are hardy too, although some owners do experience problems with the fertility of eggs.
It has been suggested that the feathering around the hen's rump plays a part in this and that its removal from the vent area can improve matters.

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